The Power of CTAs: How to Craft Effective Call-to-Actions that Drive Conversions

The Power of CTAs: How to Craft Effective Call-to-Actions that Drive Conversions

As a smart marketer, you know that visitors who don't click don't convert. That's where the call to action (CTA) comes in. A call to action is a suggested action that guides people towards an outcome. Whether you want them to join your email list, buy your product, share your content, or register for an event, you need to direct your reader to take action.

Without a call to action, your marketing campaign is just a promotional broadcast. But how do you make your call to action stand out? Here are some tips that smart marketers use to turn their boring CTAs into something awesome:

1. Use Strong Verbs:

Subscribe, donate, download, email, call, buy, compare. Help your call to action stand out by using verbs like "get," "try," "start," and "reserve."

2. Add Urgency:

Use commanding words to create a sense of urgency. "Buy Now" is good, but "Buy Now – Limited Offer" is even better. Create a reason for your reader to act now.

3. Advertise The Value:

Remind your reader of the benefits of taking the next step. Even if you're offering a complete solution, your reader needs to know how they'll benefit by taking action.

4. Reduce The Risk:

Address your reader's fears and concerns by including more details in your call to action. "Download and Get Started Today. Sign up in just 60 seconds" can help reassure your reader that taking action is easy and low-risk.

Adding some social proof can also reduce risk for users. 3 million people can’t be wrong!

5. Use Local Lingo:

Use the same language your reader is familiar with. If you're targeting a global audience, make sure your language is adapted to local terminology.

6. Make It Visible

Make sure your call to action stands out visually. Use buttons that look like buttons and make your CTA big and bold. Give it some breathing room and contrast it with the rest of your page.

7. Repeat It Often:

Try to make your call to action always within view. Repeat it on every page and make sure your contact details are easy to find.

8. Keep It Simple:

It's okay to have a few calls to action, but too many choices can lead to choice paralysis. Keep your options simple and visually separate your primary call to action from any secondary ones.

9. Put Your Reader In The Action:

Make your reader the star of the call to action. Use language that puts them in the dreamscape you've painted in your copy. One way to do this is to complete the sentence:

I want to ________________

When you're able to make your reader the star of the call to action they begin to imagine themselves in the picture you’ve tried to create in your copy (hopefully).

Whether you're using a button call to action or an in-copy call to action, the same rules apply. Remind your reader of the benefits, create urgency, and reduce risk. Use language that speaks to them and make your call to action visible and easy to find. And don't forget to put your reader in the midst of the action. When you make your reader the star, they'll be more likely to take the next step.

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